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Outdoor Paver Cleaning & Color Sealing in Vero Beach, Indian River Shores, Florida

Color Sealing Pavers by Brite Magic

Sealing and coating your paver surfaces here in Indian River County can make them last longer, and look better as well. Typically paver surface resealing should be done no more than every 2 years. This re-sealing will keep your Vero Beach home and business looking as beautiful and clean as possible.

Brite Magic has decades of experience with outdoor brick and stone paver sealing. We work and live here in Central Coastal Florida and know the conditions that paver will be subjected to. Let Brite Magic bring your patio, driveway or pool deck pavers back to their original color and texture. Coloring and sealing will prolong the natural beauty of your pavers, and the true color will compliment your entire property. Give us a call at (321) 779-1426.

We love the coastal areas of Indian River County, that's why we only use natural and sustainable products. We plan and prepare your paved area for coloring and sealing for maximum quality and always use best practices in the application of our paver sealants

Not only does this give a fresh, clean look to the pavers you paid so much for, it will also help them last longer.

Color Sealing for Paver Stones and Concrete Pavers in Vero Beach and Indian River County

Common Questions About Pavers & Sealing

Question: Why Do outdoor pavers need sealing?
A: The short answer is that the sealing protects it from vehicle oil stains, other fluid stains and basic dirt stains. A sealed paver remains much cleaner, for a longer time than unsealed pavers. After pavers have been professionally sealed, cleaning is much easier, usually only requires a water wash with a hose.

Question: Is there anything that can be done to restore old, faded brick pavers?
A: In most cases, recoloring or staining can restore original colors.

Question: What types of paver sealing can Brite Magic do?
A: Our fully trained professionals have the experience and know how to matched most any sealer to your type of paver or stone surface.

Question: Some of my pavers are turning a white color?
A. This is a natural process called efflorescence, it leaves a white haze on the surface of the paver. Typically this indicates inproper application of a sealant. It is best to strip off the existing sealant and clean and re-seal your pavers.

Question: How do you strip Sealer from pavers?
A. This process is generally difficult and should be done by a professional.

Question: How do I know what is the best type of sealer for concrete pavers?
A. There are two types, water based sealers and oil based. For the most part oil based sealers last longer, with more of a shining appearance. Water based sealers are more environmentally friendly and can be applied when pavers are wet.

Question: Whats the recommended method for removing dirt and/or oil off my pavers?
A. We recommend cleaning pavers with detergent and hot water pressure wash and scrub brush.

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